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Film Score

A great day with Stephen Selby looking at the music score for “Lost Hearts”. Stephen has great ideas for the style of music for the film working with the narrative and creating moods with sound. Really enjoyed today. Read more →

Trailer released

We are pleased to now release the trailer. In the meantime the main re-edit of the original material is taken place, updated CGI being created and the newly shot scenes for the open and closing are also in edit to and soon heading for their final grade. Click here for trailer. Read more →

The Edit

Continuing to move forward with the main edit with Benedict Mart, some good work today getting the early scene’s  of the film in order. This includes all the footage originally shot over ten years ago now on one of JVC’s first high definition cameras in the country at the time. These truly are the early years of our lead actor… Read more →

Costume Call

Time for Clair to costume Stephen and Emily, the year 1953 and the need to get colours in the costume to complement the interiors of the Great Hall and Sitting room of Eastnor Castle. Clair has done a great job with all the costumes as always for these scenes, helped by Vintage Tramp of Ledbury who supplied some original garments… Read more →

Casting the Car

Sadly the Morgan we had intended to use was still not very well and would not be ready for our day at Eastnor . We needed a sporty car for Stephen . This beautiful MG came to the rescue. Read more →

Casting for new scenes

We are casting today for the role of Emily for the new opening and closing scenes to the film. The casting is taking place at Stage A Studios in Cheltenham with the team at Action Image Productions and we expect to finalise our decision over the next few days.   Read more →