Stephen is a young orphan boy who is evacuated to the English countryside during the Second World War. He finds himself taken off to stay in a remote country mansion, Aswerby Castle.

His new guardians are Mr Abney, a reclusive alchemist obsessed with making himself immortal, Mrs Bunch the kindly house keeper and Mr Parks the straight laced Valet. 

However, Stephen is repeatedly troubled by visions in his sleep; but just what is making Stephen have these dreams and can he find out?  So the story begins….


This production has been adapted from the MR James story of the same name and we now set it in the early part of the second world war and again in 1953. Filmed exclusively on location in the beautiful Gloucestershire / Herefordshire countryside. Set in the wonderful Eastnor Castle and Helen’s Manor House both locations offered plush and atmospheric interiors that lent themselves so beautifully to this ghost story.


Produced by Seven Film Productions in association with Action Image Productions

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